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Car SOS host outlines plan for speed limit changes after campaigners demand 100mph roads

Car SOS presenter Fuzz Townshend has outlined a fresh plan for speed limit updates just weeks after campaigners called for 100mph routes in the UK. 

The popular TV presenter claimed that only limits on “non-smart motorways” should be increased if changes are made. 

The star of the classic car restoration show admitted that it “might be an idea” to look at motorway limits if any changes were to be made. 

However, he continued to admit that speeds should not be increased at all on certain routes including smart motorways. 

He also stressed dual carriageways were “plenty fast enough” and speed limits should not be updated. 

Speaking to Classic Car Weekly, Fuzz said: “If you’re going to raise speed limits at all, 80mph on non-smart motorways might be an idea in certain places but not on smart motorways or anything like that because they’re already problematic at 70mph. 

“Dual carriageways as they currently stand are plenty fast enough because you can get into all kinds of situations and shaky moments on them anyway.”

More than 42,500 individuals signed a Parliament Petition calling for the immediate changes to speed limits. 

The pollsters had signed up to cals that speed limits on motorways should be increased to 100mph with dual carriageways rising to 80mph. 

Campaigners had claimed the current speed rules on roads were generally “too restrictive”.

Poll founders also suggested that “some modern vehicles have advanced safety features and faster stopping speeds” which could allow limits to be adjusted.

However, Fuzz added that drastically increasing the limits would likely be a “huge error”.

Fuzz previously added: “100mph is not good in any car. Reducing a driver’s reaction times by allowing them to drive fast would be a huge error. 

“Firstly, because of the individual behind the wheel and secondly because we’re attempting to reduce emissions and we’re not going to do that by allowing cars to go even quicker and using more fuel to do so.”

The Department for Transport (DfT) issued an official Government response after the petition passed the threshold of 10,000 signatures. 

However, they also denied there was any possibility that speed limits could be adjusted. 

The DfT stressed: “The Government has undertaken no recent assessment on increasing national speed limits and we have no current plans to undertake such an assessment on the basis of traffic flow or other factors.”


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