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Car SOS fully restore classic Ford Pop for hot rod fan bullied for having cerebral palsy

CAR SOS has fully restored a classic Ford Pop for a deserving fan who was bullied for having cerebral palsy.

The team helped lifelong hot rod fan Andy turn his dream into reality by upgrading his classic model in the series opener.

Host Tim Shaw highlighted the restoration as his favourite episode of the series after being left touched by Andy’s story and heartwarming reaction.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Tim said: “The Ford Pop would be the one for me. As I said I attach myself to the stories very much and Andy and Kim were such a lovely couple.

“It’s an indication of just what cars can mean to people. This is a guy with cerebral palsy who was bullied, called all the worst names you could possibly imagine for the majority of his life.

“He was stabbed because of his cerebral palsy. It was absolutely terrible and if you ever wanted to understand what a car could do for somebody’s life watch that episode. What they mean to people, watch that one and then you’ll get it.”

Andy bought his Ford Pop 10 years ago but the vehicle has spent most of its life in storage with a series of mechanical and bodywork issues.

The team quickly jumped in and got to work on upgrading the model with the stunning custom classic opening the new series.

After Fuzz wheeled the model into his garage, he even admitted that it appeared there were “10 cars worth of work”.

Mechanics made sure to retain the hot rods’ original 2.5 litre Rover engine but fitted a new differential as part of the upgrade.

The car’s interior was completely overhauled and given a stylish new look fit for the customised scene Andy loves so much. The team even moved the starting controls to the interior roof exactly where Andy had always dreamed of having it.

In a heart-wrenching touch, the team even gave the Pop a stunning purple paint scheme covered in flames mirroring the tattoo Andy had of the car on his left arm.

Andy was left stunned as the car was handed over, bursting into tears of joy as he sat inside his new Pop for the first time. A well-presented Ford Pop can even fetch for more than £40,000 making it a desirable classic among collectors.

Fuzz praised the Hot Rod community with the industry enjoying something of a renaissance with a new huge following and organised events across the UK.

Popping down to Santa Pod raceway in Northamptonshire to reveal the upgraded Ford Pop, the duo said they were blown away by the level of detail on display.

Fuzz added: “Can I say on behalf of a bunch of people I’ve never really hung out with or anything like that, I have to pay a big shout-out to the hot rodders around the UK.

“We went down to Santa Pod and there was a really great familial atmosphere there. People with all kinds of cars from utter sheds to things that have had thousands and thousands of hours thrown at them. Unknown amounts of talent and money thrown at them.

“The general vibe was ‘oh that’s interesting, oh look at that, that’s cool’. It was a lot more inclusive than I thought it was going to be.”

The new season 12 of Car S.O.S is on National Geographic every Thursday from Thursday 7 at 8pm


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