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Car park's 'ludicrous' price hike near tourist hotspot – where cars are banned


It will soon cost a minimum of £6 for three hours to use a spot at Polperro car park, near the old smuggling village it’s named after. The car park is popular with locals and tourists, as the latter like to visit beautiful Cornish villages nearby and walk along the coastal path.

And so the latest increase in prices – an approximate 20% hike – have sparked fury with motorists describing the change as “extortionate”.

One woman wrote online: “Irrespective of the cost (which is extortionate), the fact the owners aren’t with the times with ticket machines, card and contactless payments, it will deter the public.”

Another local wrote: “It’s ridiculous charging this much for parking. I think it has an impact on businesses too, which is a huge shame after the pandemic.”

One tourist stated: “I wouldn’t bother going there and giving them the satisfaction of paying for a bit of ‘beauty’.”

Another tourist called the prices “ludicrous,” reports Cornwall Live.

“It’s diabolical,” wrote a HGV driver, who visits the area frequently.


Polperro is a large village with several independent businesses and amenities, including a Post Office. Its streets, however, are so narrow that only “permitted vehicles” are allowed to enter the village itself.

Some businesses are concerned the rise in parking fees will impact footfall.

Marc Allatt, who lives and works in the village, said: “If the price increase is justifiable then it’s just something we have to accept, but if the owners are simply profiteering then that’s a different matter.

Another resident, Paul Clappison, said the move will have “a detrimental affect” on Polperro and its businesses, saying some visitors “will not pay” the new charge.

There is also no readily available cash machine nearby the privately owned car park, which is the only car park for several miles in rural Cornwall.

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