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Car insurance: The jobs where premiums are the most expensive


Drivers who work in fast food restaurants pay an average of £1,394 per year for annual cover in prices hundreds of pounds more expensive than other professions. Car dealers are the second most expensive in the UK with premiums averaging out at more than £1,000 each year.

Property developers and librarians are also forced to pay heavy rates with yearly fees of just under £950.

Shop keepers, pickers, delivery couriers, plasterers, waiters and construction workers also pay over £840 per year on average for cover.

Lee Griffin, founder and CEO of GoCompare said it was “no surprise” fast food drivers were high up the lost as they spent a lot of time on the road.

However, he admitted he was “surprised” quiet jobs such as librarians were so high on the list.

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“But having some occupations, such as librarians amongst the most expensive is surprising, as they spend significantly less time in their vehicles and on the road.”

Analysis from GoCompare has revealed retired drivers pay the cheapest premiums each year.

On average, road users pay just £372 for a years cover in prices almost £1,000 cheaper than the most expensive.

Speech therapists pay the second-lowest for cover with a total bill of £423 per year.

However, they warn when making an application there is usually more than one accurate job title road users can pick.

Journalists could call themselves a writer or a publisher to save money as these are considered less risky professions.

But they warn everything drivers state in their policy just be accurate and fit with the job they do.

Providing false information is likely to lead to insurance firms refusing to pay it for a claim in the event of an accident.


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