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Car insurance premiums could triple in value after adding modifications to your vehicle


Car insurance costs could rise by up over 300 percent after installing upgrades and new tools on a car with drivers set to pay thousands of pounds more for basic coverExperts warn modifications can make cars “look or sound better”, which makes them a higher target for thieves,

Lee Griffin, CEO and founder of Go Compare car insurance said “There is a risk of invalidating your insurance if you fail to declare the modifications you have made to your car.

“A modification might make your vehicle look or even sound better.

“But if you have to make a claim on your car insurance and haven’t informed your provider of the modifications, you could end up paying more than if you had declared them initially, as your insurance provider could refuse the claim.”

Go Compare warns a car with no modifications costs drivers just £644.10 in insurance on average each year.

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Blueprinting – the process of taking the turbocharger apart and increasing horsepower – was the second most costly modification road users can make.

Drivers with these upgrades could pay over £2,000 per year for cover in a massive 213.33 percent increase on the base price.

Go Compare warns the more powerful a car is, the more expensive the insurance is likely to as the overall risk of losing control and crashing increases.

However, it is not just performance upgrades which can see drivers issued higher costs.

Flared wings are the third most expensive car modification deposit only adding aesthetic changes to the vehicle.

Drivers with these modifications could oat up to £1,884 for cover in a 184 percent increase on the average premium.

Installing side stripes can see prices rise by 178 percent, while performance badging could add 165 percent extra to costs.

Aesthetic upgrades make your car more appealing to criminals and thieves which makes your car a higher target to be stolen.

Mr Griffin added: “When it comes to modifying your car you also need to be careful.

“Some modifications might be essential to the running of the car – but if you’re adding additional elements for aesthetic reasons, be sure to thoroughly check out who you’ve chosen to fit them, if you’re not doing it yourself.

“You also need to be aware of the extra costs involved such as maintenance and any impact mods could have on your insurance.”


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