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Car insurance costs will rise by £131 for every three penalty points drivers receive


Research from the motoring experts found insurance premiums remained broadly flat when drivers get their first three points, rising from just £700 to £705 per year on average. However, jumping from three to six penalty points will see average premiums rise by over £200 to reach around £937 on average.

The cost of insurance gets progressively higher the more points are added to a driver’s license.

Those with 12 points are likely to pay more than £1,000 per heart for cover as they are seen as a higher risk.

Compare The Market says that on average, this means every extra three points drivers receive will increase their charges by around £131.

However, penalty points will typically stay on a driving licence for at least four years.

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“Drivers will also face the more expensive premiums in each of the four years that the penalty points remain on their licence.

“The cost of car insurance typically rises when motorists receive points as insurers believe this increases the risk profile of the driver.

“Those with points on their licence are usually considered more likely to be in an accident, and therefore pay more for their policy.

“Our research shows that drivers aged over 40 are more likely to have points on their licence.”

Compare The Market said by March 2021, a total of 2.64 million drivers had points on their driving licences.

This represents around a three percent decline when compared to the 2.72 million drivers with points on their licence last year.

Mr Hutson added it was “concerning” to see the number of drivers with points had remained “roughly the same”.

He said drivers should be “incentivised” to take care on the roads as a result of the possible “financial impact” of breaking road rules.

He said: “While we have seen a substantial decline in car journeys because of lockdown restrictions, it is concerning that the number of drivers with penalty points has remained roughly the same as in the previous year.

“Beyond the obvious safety concerns, drivers should hopefully be incentivised by the financial impact to take care when on the road or risk being charged a significantly more for cover.”

Drivers may be able to reduce insurance oosts by shopping around for more affordable policies. 

Some specialist policies are available for those with penalty points but these are likely to be more expensive than traditional agreements. 


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