Home World Canary Islands warning to British tourists as Tenerife beach bans swimming 'indefinitely'

Canary Islands warning to British tourists as Tenerife beach bans swimming 'indefinitely'

An alarming warning has been issued which threatens to scupper the holiday plans of Brits heading to one of the most popular corners of Tenerife.

Those intending on heading to one of the most popular beaches in Puerto De La Cruz are to be banned from swimming in the water.

Contamination in the water means visitors will not be able to go for a dip at the Playa Jardin in the town.

The issued emerged following tests for the harmful bacteria e-coli.

Health experts in the area have warned that entering the water is too dangerous and as such have banned anyone from doing so.

Signs notifying those travelling to the beach have been erected in multiple languages.

Ignoring the warnings and going for a swim in the contaminated sea could people get infections in their ears, eyes, skin, and nasal passages. They could also contract gastrointestinal diseases.

The ban comes into effect today after the public health report of the Government of the Canary Islands revealed the horrendous water quality.

Puerto de la Cruz council said: “There is epidemiological evidence that this situation can cause gastrointestinal symptoms due to ingestion of water, as well as other types of conditions such as acute respiratory infections and infections of the ears, eyes, nasal passages and skin

“This decision will be extended indefinitely and is a measure in response to the decline in water quality that has been occurring at least since 2016 in the Playa Jardín area and, above all, in this last year 2024.”

Now the local mayor is concerned that the episode will damage the tourist reputation of the area. Marco González said the situation will only be improved “if all administrations prioritise the actions that are already not only planned but also have the necessary financing.”


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