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Can you reheat rice?


RICE is a staple food item in many homes but when you make too much, can you reheat it the next day?

Many people think that you should not reheat rice but this is not true, as long as you reheat it correctly rice is safe to have as leftovers.


Reheating rice is safe if you do it correctly[/caption]

Can you reheat rice?

Rice is safe to reheat as long as you are careful and heat it thoroughly.

The best thing to do is cool your rice down as quickly as possible to prevent bacteria growing.

Bacteria called Bacillus cereus can be found in rice that is uncooked.

This is what causes you to get ill as it is not always killed in the cooking process.

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Make sure your rice is refrigerated as soon as possible and only store in the fridge for up to four days after cooking.

Do not leave the rice out to cool for more than an hour or you will likely get food poisoning when reheating.

You can also freeze rice and keep it for up to two months in your freezer.

What is the best way to reheat rice?

Most people will reheat rice in the microwave as it is the quickest method.

If you want your reheated rice to remain fluffy add a tablespoon of water or broth per cup of rice and break up clumps.

For extra fluffy rice you can steam it by adding the rice to a saucepan and putting water in.

Break up clumps and cover the pan with a lid, leaving it to cook on a low heat for three to five minutes.

Stir this occasionally and you should have fluffy reheated rice in no time.

Leftover rice is great for stir frying as its lack of moisture stops the rice going mushy.

If you have additional ingredients you can also stir fry your rice by adding oil to a large wok.

Move the rice around the wok on a high heat and cook until it is plump and heated through.

The key to making sure rice is safe to eat on reheating is to heat it completely and cool it quickly when storing.

How many times can you reheat rice

You can reheat rice more than once but the quality will decrease each time you cook it.

The bacteria is what causes food poisoning so as long as you cool the rice quickly and reheat thoroughly you should not have a problem.

That being said, the NHS does not advise reheating more than once.

Always check that your rice has not spoiled before eating – you can tell by seeing if the rice grains are hard and dry or there is an off smell.

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