Home Lifestyle Can you get rid of cellulite? Do cellulite products actually work?

Can you get rid of cellulite? Do cellulite products actually work?


Do cellulite products actually work?

When you’re insecure about a particular feature, you’ll empty your pockets when you see a product that promises to eradicate it.

However, cellulite creams generally don’t work and are a huge waste of money, the experts claimed.

They said: “The truth is that, although some treatments and creams do work, most don’t.

“Make sure you do your research properly and do your bit by having a super healthy lifestyle for maximum results.”

If you’re looking to treat your cellulite, you’re better off trying a radiofrequency treatment, cavitation and strong cellulite massage instead of a cream, they added.

If you insist on using a cream, the experts recommended using one with “multiple actives in high concentration”.

You should avoid any product that claims to reduce cellulite in a specific time frame that sounds unrealistic.

The experts explained: “Contrary to marketing hype, cellulite needs time to be reduced, not hours or days.

“Don’t believe the smooth operators – the best outlook for long-lasting cellulite reduction is anything between four and 12 weeks, followed by continuous maintenance based on a healthy lifestyle.”


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