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Calls for seat belt safety crackdown with laws ‘not understood’ by youngsters

Campaigners have demanded an urgent crackdown on seat belt safety with calls for a new public awareness campaign.

Over 1,800 individuals have signed a Parliament petition pushing for action to avoid further “tragic incidents”.

Poll founder Julian Hilton Foster stressed there were particular concerns around young children not wearing belts on public transport.

He stressed many drivers were “not taking responsibility” for the problem with more direct action needed to get the message across.

Julian said: “Current seat belt laws for children are not sufficiently well understood, especially when it comes to children on school transport.

“The Government should run a public awareness campaign to make it clear that children on school transport should be wearing seat belts, where these are provided.

“There have been tragic incidents involving children not wearing seat belts on school transport.

“The law says that children should be in the correct car seat or wear seat belts where they are provided, but many do not, and too many drivers don’t appear to be taking responsibility for this.”

A total of 10,000 signatures are required for the poll to receive an official response from the Government. However, 100,000 are needed for the topic to be properly considered for debate in Parliament.

According to road safety charity Think!, a staggering 30 percent of car fatalities between 17 and 19 were not wearing seat belts.

Meanwhile, around four young people were killed or seriously injured every week in 2022 due to not having the correct seat belt protection.

Think! stresses that wearing a belt reduced the risk of death for drivers by a whopping 50 percent.

The AA has highlighted that drivers are fully responsible and must ensure children under 14 are correctly wearing seat belts before setting off.

Motorists who are caught out have been warned they could receive a £100 on-the-spot fixed penalty notice.

They also make clear that children under 12 years old and under 135cm must use an “appropriate child restraint” when travelling in any car.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts explained: “Failure to ensure a child passenger is using an appropriate restraint could land you a fine of up to £500.

“There are other implications, too: any claims against your motor insurance could be affected, and you may also face civil proceedings if you fail to carry someone else’s child safely.”


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