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Call The Midwife's Judy Parfitt fears show end as there's 'not an awful lot' on the BBC


A couple of the Call The Midwife cast have wondered whether series 10 of the hit BBC show will be the last, with Judy Parfitt, 85, believing that’s what the producers are planning on doing. But while fearing for the show’s fans and the cast, the esteemed actress also thought about the logistics of the TV schedule and what the BBC would replace it with.

In a recent interview, she admitted that there isn’t much available to watch on the broadcaster like there used to be, while discussing the future of the program.

“I think it’ll probably end after the next series. I imagine that’s what they’re thinking of doing,” she said.

“Mind you, there’s not an awful lot on the BBC compared to what they’re used to be. So, who knows?

“It’s always the drivers and crew who tell you what’s going on. Actors never know!”

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Her attention then turned to the loyal viewer who have stuck with the sisters of Nonnatus House throughout nine series.

When asked whether the fans will be bereft if the show ever ends, Judy replied: “That’s what people say to me, which is so sweet.

“But one imagines there must be an end to it. All I can say is that I’ve been very fortunate at 85 to be working on the most successful show on television.”

And having been apart of something so popular with modern day viewers, she noted there will always be a special something about it all for years to come.

“But the stories and the characters are what holds it together – and the babies.”

The actress continued: “Childbirth is always very emotional, because of the hope that babies will grow up in a better, easier world.”

Despite being a fictional program, the show itself has seemed to have an impact on real-life midwifery, as she revealed she had attended midwifery gatherings and the midwives have been “thrilled” at how the show represents them and their amazing work.

“It really does respect and honour them,” she said.

Judy and Jenny’s full interviews are available to read now in Radio Times.


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