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Caitriona Balfe recalls ‘funny story’ of how she got Outlander role: ‘Never been told'


Caitriona Balfe, 41, recently opened up about how she found out she won her part in Outlander from her friend. She revealed all about the hilarious story during an interview on Instagram live.

Outlander fans love Caitriona for her performance as time-travelling heroine Claire Fraser.

However, many may not realise she found out she had the role in rather unique circumstances.

She spoke about the story in an Instagram live chat with her friend Oliver Jeffers.

The old friends were reminiscing when Oliver said: “There is a funny story about how you found out the role in Outlander was yours.”

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“She had been sent your sizes and was like ‘I think Caitriona got the part’ so we texted you.”

Caitriona admitted how she didn’t believe them, adding: “I was like no, nobody’s told me anything I’m not listening.

“He was like, ‘no, I’m pretty sure they have your sizes.’”

Oliver joked: “So you found out you got the part I think from your friend Donnell lying on his back in paper underpants in Goa.”

The pair laughed off the hilarious story during their half-hour chat on the social media platform.


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