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Cadbury fans seethe after spotting same error with popular chocolate bar

Cadbury’s enthusiasts have been left scratching their heads after discovering a part of their beloved sweet treat “missing” upon unwrapping it.

Imagine the disappointment of eagerly anticipating a delicious chocolate bar all day, only to find it’s not quite what you were expecting. That’s exactly what happened to some Wispa fans when they opened their favourite treat recently.

Cadbury’s Wispa bar has held a special place in the hearts of many since its debut in the 80s. However, to the dismay of Wispa aficionados, it was discontinued in 2003. Unhappy fans campaigned for its return, leading to its triumphant comeback in 2007, and it has remained a constant presence on shop shelves ever since.

Undoubtedly, the best part about a Wispa is its bubbly centre – but some fans claim there is “barely any bubbly goodness” after opening some bars this month- expressing their disappointment on social media.

One individual, who had planned to indulge in a packet of Wispa Bitsas, took to X and said: “Hey @CadburyUK I almost felt as empty inside as these bitsa Wispa when I opened the pack! Who do I speak to to get a replacement? “.

Another shared their annoyance, adding: “@CadburyUK any idea who nicked the caramel out of my Wispa Gold? “.

Yet another person commented: “Hey Cadbury…. there seems to be something missing in this Wispa gold…. there is barely any of the bubbly chocolaty goodness! “.

“Hey @CadburyUK come get your Wispa it’s clearly unwell,” one user penned. Another chimed in: “Hi @CadburyUK I was shocked to find my Wispa chocolate bar hollow.”

In response to the disgruntled customers, Cadbury’s replied on X: “Sorry to hear that! Please contact the customer care team here: http://bit.ly/YCpDCW and they’ll look into this for you.”

Earlier this month, The Sun revealed a heartbreaking story of an eight year old girl who was left devastated after finding an empty shell of a bar from a multi-pack of Wispa bars. “It was enough to make anyone cry,” her mum expressed.

In response, Cadbury’s offered a £2 cheque and issued an apology.

The Express have contacted Cadbury’s for a comment on this matter.

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