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Buy a Ford Focus or Fiesta now and scoop major discount with zero-interest finance


THIS is the time of year when we go on a car-buying spree.

At the start of September the number-plate digits change.

Now is the best time to buy a Ford Focus

So everyone can tell you’ve got a new motor.

But we happen to know that only a few weeks later, a pair of best-sellers will get updates.

The Ford Fiesta and Focus are both due a makeover. So what’s the best thing to do?

Buy now and get the new 71-reg plate on your drive?

Or wait a bit and have the modifications too? Buy now, says The Sun.

First, because there are tempting discounts out there right now.

Secondly, because waiting won’t get you a better car. Just one that looks a bit different.

From the outside, you’ll see slightly re-styled grille, bumpers and lamps.

Inside, there will be new digital instruments and screen systems.

The pair of them are really just getting a quick visit to the beauty and tanning salon. Not a heart transplant or gym membership.

They don’t need any more than that. Both are already great to drive and have efficient engines.

And their existing screen set-ups are clear and easy to use.

Besides, most of us just connect our phones for music and navigation, and that won’t change.


There’s something else. Right now we’re in a global shortage of the microchips that power all sorts of car functions.

This means you might face a long wait for a new car with the exact spec you want.

Especially things like advanced driver assistance.

So picking a car off the shelf could be a wiser idea. With the Focus, it’s the ST-Line or ST-Line X versions you want, in hatchback or estate.

They have a tauter suspension than standard for a crisper drive, and their body kit and alloy wheels do the looks a favour.

A willing 1-litre engine does the job, with various power outputs available and manual or auto.

According to spec and options, list prices hover above £25,000, but you should be able to get £2,500 off. For the Fiesta, again the ST-Line and ST-Line X are the most attractive buys.

List prices depending on options and colour are about £21,000. But you can score one for £19k right now.

And that’s before you even start to haggle.

Or Ford will do zero-interest finance and £215 a month over three years on a £4,994 deposit.

If you really love driving, the souped-up Fiesta ST is a total joy.

It’s got 200hp, and you can find one for £25k new.

Frankly, to get any car that’s significantly more fun to drive, you’d be looking at spending double that amount.

Or a Toyota GR Yaris. And they’re sold out until 2023.

Ford Focus ST-Line X Edition

Key Facts

Price: £27,535 (less about £2,500)
Engine: 1-litre 3cyl turbo mild-hybrid
Power: 155hp, 240Nm
0-62mph: 9.2 secs
Top speed: 131mph
Economy: 51mpg
CO2: 124g/km
Out: Now

The ST-Line X Edition Ford Focus is among the best options
Fiesta prices vary dependent on colour and model

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