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Business given one star review over Ukraine flag hit back with brutal response


Dandy’s Topsoil, Compost & Landscape Supplies, which is in Cheshire near the England-Wales border, received a one-star review on Google, after it replaced the Wales flag for that of Ukraine. Bosses visited the war-torn nation recently and donated aid, so they decided to continue to show solidarity by waving the blue-and-yellow flag on their flag pole.

But the scathing review online said that it is “utterly disrespectful” to change the flag as the war in Ukraine is “thousands of miles away and nothing to do with us”.

Speaking to Cheshire Live, Adam Dandy, owner of the family-run business, said: “We first put a giant Welsh flag up to celebrate Wales opening up to people from England after the last lockdown. Jack Sargeant MS came to raise the flag, which we believe is the largest in the UK at 45ft long x 25ft.

“After seeing the horrific scenes first hand of young girls and women coming across the Ukraine border into Poland, and saying goodbye to their husbands and fathers, but also witnessing the exceptional kindest of the polish families welcoming them with open arms.

“On my return, I wanted to show our support to those families coming to stay with families in Flintshire and Cheshire West and Chester, every time they crossed our local border here in Sealand.

“I always try to take the positives from any criticism in business, and use it to help us to become better. So after seeing this 1 star review on Google for our family business this morning… I’ve just ordered a bigger flag, 25ft bigger to be precise. #WeStandWithUkraine.”

Adam says the majority of customers have praised the decision to fly the massive Ukraine flag.

He continued: “I always try to take any criticism as a way to improve our family business, and to apologise if we get it wrong.

“But on this occasion, the only positive thing to do was to double down on the size of the flag in response.”

The disgruntled reviewer wrote: “I can’t believe Dandy’s has gone from having the largest Welsh dragon flag to replacing it with the Ukrainian flag utterly disrespectful considering the Russia Ukraine conflict is thousands of miles away and is nothing to do with us… Do what’s right Dandy’s and get the dragon flying again.”

One Twitter user posted: “We drive past it every day with my family who arrived from Ukraine recently and they always say how special it is to see so much support! Thank you!”

Another posted: “Drove past Dandy’s today and I can safely say this is a REALLY BIG flag. I reckon it’s easily visible from space!”

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