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Bullies repeatedly throw boy to the floor in school playground in distressing video


The boy is seen being repeatedly thrown to the ground in the school playground. A group of youngsters are heard to shout “pull his head” and “do it again” while the youngster tries to flee his attackers.

The fracas happened at Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi, a school in Holyhead, north Wales. The school is investigating the incident, reports North Wales Live, but parents have condemned the behaviour.

“Absolutely disgusting… they need a good slap,” wrote one woman on Facebook.

“This is not acceptable and I would literally hit the roof if something isn’t done soon. It will only get worse, kids these days get away with so much,” added another.

One mum posted: “This is disgusting behaviour, I would be ashamed if my child treated others like that.”

Another person shared: “This is so heartbreaking and these people should be ashamed of themselves, and so should their parents.”

Around 800 pupils attend the school, rated as ‘Adequate’ by Welsh education watchdog Estyn.

A statement from the school reads: “We were made aware today of a video recording which has been shared on social media of an incident which took place during the lunch hour on Friday.

“The health and safety of learners and staff is of paramount importance.

“We are investigating the incident and working closely with North Wales Police and Anglesey’s Learning Service to take the necessary action.”

North Wales Police were approached for comment.

It comes after a similar attack earlier this week.

Olivia McKenna, 13, was set upon by a group of youths as she walked home from school on Monday.

The brutal assault, which was recorded, was shared on social media and has been viewed thousands of times.


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