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‘Bugger off!’ Britons’ fury at first-time buyers in early 30s with huge £700k budget


Britons were fuming after they watched a young couple in their early 30s explain to hosts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer they were prepared to spend £700,000 on a home in South London. The couple were first-time buyers.

Many Britons took to social media to express their anger and frustration while watching the programme.

Twitter user @PennySweetz wrote: “700k budget and you’re struggling to find a 3 bed in S London. @c4locations, can we get more realistic first time buyers on the show.”

User @Dboi235 said: “Dare I say they both work from home, half a million for a flat. FFS the London syndrome is real. For that you could by two in middle of Birmingham.”

User @4EveraBlueNose added: “I’m a completely lost northerner…why pay £695k for a flat in Dulwich when you can buy a house in Crystal Palace for £525k…3.5 miles from Dulwich.”


One person fumed: “How the hell do first time buyers have a budget of 700k but they could borrow more! Yes they have a deposit but even so…that’s frightening.”

Another chimed in: “How are a couple in their twenties/thirties, in this day and age, in a position to not only have a £700k budget, but are able to increase that if needed?”

One person wrote: “They have a 700k budget and they’re saying it’s tight. Guys I’m gonna be sick. I’m never moving out.”

Another simply commented: “Bugger off.”

Twitter user @Plantagenet2 added: “Where or rather how do a young couple manage to have a £700,000 budget!”

At the beginning of the Location Location Location episode this week, presenter Kirstie explained: “London is still one of the most expensive places to buy a house in the UK with prices almost twice the national average.”

The national average cost of a property in Britain is £255,707.

But houses in South London have increased seven percent in value over the past year alone.

Kirstie added: “Competition here is fierce, so no wonder our house hunters this week have run out of steam.”

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