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Brussels taunts UK for quitting EU before Covid – 'You could have benefited from £45bn'


Thierry Breton, the EU’s single market commissioner, arrogantly claimed leaving the EU meant the UK would miss out on a £45 billion Covid recovery fund bailout. And failing to mention any of the fees members have to shell out to fill Brussels’ coffers, he argued Brexit was an “aberration that has weakened and isolated the UK”.

The former French government minister, who is now in charge of the bloc’s vaccine rollout, made little secret of his disdain for Brexit in a lengthy interview.

He went on to insult the many successes that the UK has enjoyed since leaving – namely signing trade agreements with countries across the planet.

He also focused on the UK’s ever-weakening ties with the bureaucratic bloc as Global Britain looks further afield – and said the Withdrawal Agreement is “in danger” because of disagreements over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Breton said: “If the UK was still in the EU, it would have benefited from perhaps £45bn of collective EU money …

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“It’s called democracy you idiot.”

Another said: “Can Thierry Breton explain to us all why #France is declining under (French President Emmanuel) Macron and UK is reaching out to rest of #World.

“The man is deluded like rest of #French government.”

Mr Breton’s outburst is the latest attack on the successes enjoyed by Brexit Britain.

It emerged this week in leaked documents that Brussels may curb British TV and film productions being shown on the continent by reclassifying them.

Despite them being wildly popular across the bloc, bitter eurocrats want their “European” designation taken away.

Under current rules, British-made TV shows and films are included in quotas which require European television stations to give the majority of airtime to European content.

The move was instantly slammed by industry experts and Brexiteers alike.

Leading Brexiteer and broadcaster Nigel Farage told Express.co.uk: “This sums up the small-minded, protectionist club the European Union is.”

And John McVay, the chief executive of Pact – the trade body for Britain’s TV and film producers – said it would be “counterproductive”.

He told the Telegraph: “(It) will be not only an economic detriment, but also a cultural detriment.

“It seems to be counterproductive, if by seeking to effectively punish us for Brexit, they basically closed the door to the fantastic global opportunities … of working with a really top-end British producer.”


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