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Brits warned they face £100 fine for breaking one BBQ rule in heatwave

The UK faced warm weather over the weekend, with many areas forecast to see sun throughout the week.

This may encourage many families to have a barbecue to enjoy the nice weather.

However, according to an expert, people need to be aware of this mistake which could result in a £100 fine.

Adam Harper, fire expert and operations director at Fire & Evacuation Services, said: “Disposable BBQs have earned a bad reputation in recent years, but it’s the people using them that’s the real issue.

“Many beaches and parks have banned them entirely due to the risk of discarded units starting wildfires.

“Using a disposable BBQ where prohibited can lead to fines of £100 or more.”

They can also pose a risk to animals, particularly on the beach and in open spaces.

Areas including Kent, Bradford and Brighton have enforced these rules so it’s important Britons familiarise themselves with their local beach or green area.

Brighton & Hove City Council has banned the use of single-use, disposable barbecues in and on council-owned land including the beach, seafront, and parks.

If an authorised Environmental Enforcement Officer witnesses anyone using a single-use, disposable barbecue in the area, they may be issued with a fine.

Last year, a ban on using disposable barbecues on a 14-mile stretch of coastline came into force between Seasalter and Reculver.

At the time, Marie Royle, Canterbury City Council deputy director of people, said: “This set of common sense rules are designed to protect our wonderful coastline and its wildlife while ensuring everyone can enjoy themselves while keeping and feeling completely safe and respecting others around them.”

Similar rules are also implemented at beauty spots across the Canterbury area in Kent.

According to the Home Office, disposable barbecues are responsible for around four percent of serious fires which are started accidentally.

Many supermarkets have also stopped selling disposable barbecues completely, including Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose.


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