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Britons ‘will never accept our children being cannon fodder’ if Russia threat spills over


On Thursday, February 24, as Vladimir Putin unleashed Russian might upon Ukraine,  Express.co.uk asked: “How do you think the UK should act in reaction to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine?” The poll ran from 10am to 4pm, and gathered 2,909 responses, with hundreds of comments left below the article in a heated debate. 

By a small majority — 33 percent — readers voted for imposing stricter economic sanctions. 

Military involvement was the second most selected option, with 22 percent voting for action. 

A close third with 18 percent was the option to “do nothing”, followed by 15 percent voting to send more weaponry to Ukraine. 

A further 12 percent voted for diplomacy, and one percent said they just did not know. 

These figures, while definitive, are closer than can often be expected in polls of this nature, and indicate just how contentious and worried the public might feel.

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In the comments section, it was clear that people felt it would be unacceptable to send British soldiers into a conflict situation. 

Username churchill wins wrote: “Stay out of it. No British lads should have to die for this.”

And username JL77 said: “We are not equipped with enough troops to go to war and there is no way we will accept our children and grandchildren being cannon fodder in a pointless war.”

Others said that, even if we wanted to, our military power might not be enough. 

Username Kelly2 said: “We have more than enough problems of our own. The time has passed when we were a world power. I don’t want our young men and women to fight a war that does not threaten us. 

“Our forces have been cut. Boris Johnson cannot control our border. We should not interfere. Putin sees Biden as weak and has taken the chance to invade. We should stay out of it.”

Plenty urged Western powers not to interfere in any more wars for fear of negative repercussions.

Username Stevezodiac wrote: “Keep out of it. Recent wars have been a disaster for the West.”

And IanW said: “It’s not the UK’s fight this time around and we shouldn’t be sending arms over there either to end up in Putin’s hands.”

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The list of requests sent to the EU leaders came ahead of an emergency summit on Thursday night in Brussels. 

Ukraine is also calling for further sanctions against Russia and Belarus, urging the “fiercest restriction measures against Belarus, which directly supported [the] Russian full-scale invasion”.

Russia launched an all-out invasion in the early hours of Thursday morning, with world leaders warning of the worst conflict in Europe since 1954.

At least 18 people are believed to have been killed in a missile strike in the southern Odessa region of Ukraine, along with a further six in the town of Brovary, near the capital Kyiv.

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