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Britons furious as EU official mocks 'little island' Britain: 'Oozing with jealousy!'


Amid the prevailing coronavirus vaccine row between the EU and the UK a senior diplomat from the bloc launched an attack on Britain’s vaccine rollout last week. After hearing how a senior EU diplomat attacked Britain’s successful vaccine distribution, suggesting the UK will feel “very small” as neighbouring countries are still not vaccinated, one Express reader said: “The EU are right for a change. Yes, we are all very happy on our beautiful little islands.

“The EU absolutely oozing jealousy and it’s not a pretty sight.”

The senior EU diplomat said: “You might feel very happy on your little island when you are all vaccinated.

“But, your island might feel very small when you cannot leave it because your neighbours are not vaccinated.”

The suggestion being that EU citizens would not be able to travel due to the bloc being at an earlier stage of its vaccination distribution come the summer.

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“I have a cruise booked for July to sail around our beautiful small island.

“Bitterness, nastiness and sour grapes is not a good look for EU.”

The news comes as European Commissioner Thierry Breton declared all of its AstraZeneca vaccine doses would stay within the bloc.

He announced that the millions of vials would not leave the EU until all member states have caught up with their inoculations.

Speaking to ICL Mr Breton said: “As long as AstraZeneca doesn’t make good on its obligations, everything that’s produced on European soil is distributed to Europeans.

“If there are surpluses, they will go elsewhere.”

Now Irish politician Neale Richmond is warning that the EU’s vaccine stockpiling and slow roll-out has “created a framework” for other EU nations to leave the EU.

Speaking to CNN Mr Richmond said: “The perception that the UK is rolling out so fast while the EU is stumbling from crisis to crisis is very unhelpful.

“While no one believes a member state is going to leave over the EU’s handling of the pandemic or that it will fall apart, the post-Brexit reality is that all crises are automatically linked to the fact the UK has created a framework for leaving.”


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