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British tourists warned over £500 taxi fines in Spanish island

British tourists have been warned of a little-known rule in a popular resort which could land them a taxi fine of more than £500.

The Foreign Office has urged Brits to ensure they use legal taxis in Majorca or face being fined €600.

Passengers found travelling in unlicenced taxis on the island are liable for fines, with the British Government urging holidaymakers to book their cabs through licensed firms.

It is thought there are many illegal services operating in the resort and offering cheap prices, with tourists caught out as they do not realise they will be fined along with the driver and company.

A Foreign Office statement read: “Only use official registered or licensed taxis, or reputable transport companies you recognise. Licensing regulations differ across Spain and in certain cities pre-booking is required.

“Passengers caught using unlicensed taxi services are liable for fines of up to 600 Euros. Make sure you book your taxi or airport transfer through a licensed firm.”

The law is in place across Spain, but the government is particularly warning those travelling to Majorca where there is a high concentration of illegal firms.

The companies are also known to target unsuspecting holidaymakers at airports.

As well as warning about taxis in Majorca, the Foreign Office has also issued a warning after a number of serious accidents involving people attending illegal commercially promoted parties in villas and private homes on the island as well as in Ibiza.

It warns attendees can be fined €300 (£257) for going to parties that have been illegally promoted.

The Foreign Office warned that venues holding illegal parties do not meet the same safety and security standards as official ones, including emergency exits and capacity limits and do not have trained, licensed security staff.

It told those partying in Majorca to take care of their belongings, make sure they know where emergency exits are, and not take unnecessary risks.


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