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British boy, 11, has a 'higher IQ than Albert Einstein'


Aarav Mehta achieved the highest possible score – 162 – on a Mensa test after taking it when he got bored during the summer holidays. Aarav’s score is the highest possible for under-18s and is greater than Einstein’s IQ, which was thought to be 160.

Aarav, who has just started year 7 in secondary school, loves maths and is an avid Harry Potter fan. Both his parents work in IT; dad Keyur works at Google and his mum Nikita for Sky.

Speaking to My London today, the young mastermind said: “I was quite bored during the summer holidays, so I did the Mensa online test, then I looked up a bit more about Mensa.

“I didn’t have very high expectations. I was ecstatic when I got the letter, I wasn’t really expecting it.”

Aarav says he was the youngest in a room of around 20 people completing the test. It took two and a half hours at a centre in central London.

It’s made up of two papers, one verbal reasoning, the other non-verbal reasoning with diagrams and pictures.

Aarav, who lives in Sutton, south London, with his parents and younger sister Reeva, added: “I was actually very nervous when I went into the test room, it was full of people who were much older than me, I was very scared but thought to stay calm.”

To get into the high IQ society you have to score in the top two percent of the population. Aarav scored in the top one percent.

Dad Keyur said: “We were hopeful that he would get into Mensa but were surprised at how high he scored.”

His son, who also likes to play cricket, wants to work in a maths or technology field when he’s older.

During the lockdown, he decided to learn German and Javascript, a text-based programming language.

His mum Nikita said: “Keeping Aarav intellectually stimulated has been a challenge, especially during the lockdown.

“He gets bored easily. But he’s also self-motivated to learn, like self-teaching new languages.”

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