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Brit kidnapped and held for ransom says he was tasered and waterboarded


A WEALTHY Brit adventurer who was kidnapped and held for ransom for eight days has said he was tasered and waterboarded by his captors.

Sam Demilecamps, 25, was also beaten and chained to a radiator before police raided an apartment and freed him.

Corriere Adriatico

The 25-year-old man was released after an armed raid by cops[/caption]

His captors got £6,000 in ransom before Sam, who has been travelling in Italy, raised the alarm.

The gang of four who allegedly held him in a top-floor flat in Monte San Giusto were being questioned by police.

Sam, of Bordon, Hants, told police: “I had been with my captors several days prior to being kidnapped and they had seen me spending lavishly.

“I was tasered, held underwater in the bath and beaten during the time I was held in the flat.

“I was also subdued with drugs and given very little food.”


Dona Conte has been named as a suspect in the kidnapping case[/caption]


Aurora Carpani has also been arrested over the kidnapping of the Brit[/caption]


Ahmed Rajraji was also arrested[/caption]

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