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Brighton rat infestation: Bin lorry strike hits eleventh day – residents barricade doors


As the rubbish piles high across the city, the disgusting scenes have prompted residents to take emergency measures to deal with the vile smells. Residents have been forced to barricade themselves in their own homes, as well as closing all the windows to block out the “disgusting” smell in the area.

Due to the large amounts of rubbish which have gathered in the city, rats have been attracted to the area, with the conditions being described as unbearable.

After witnessing and smelling the situation in the city, the residents are now calling on the Green-led council and the powerful GMB Union to enter into talks to bring an end to the chaos.

The rubbish has been piling high all across the city after dozens of refuse workers from the union walked out as part of industrial action last Tuesday.

As part of a ballot between every single worker, 79.6 percent voted in favour of industrial action being taken.

Following this, the union have called on the Brighton and Hove council in an attempt to deal with disputes over the imposition of daily changes and the removal of drivers from long-term bin rounds.

In an attempt to end this dispute, councillors are currently in the process of meeting and are set to table another offer for the union.

But all across the city, there have been huge amounts of rubbish tipped on the side of the road in hope that it will be picked up.

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Advice from the Green-led council is for residents to break down boxes and cartons and store waste in their homes until an agreement is reached and the dispute comes to an end.

The strikes are estimated to affect 120,000 households across Brighton.

Green deputy council leader Hannah Clare told the BBC on Friday morning: “There is a meeting being held this morning and we’re really hopeful for a resolution.

“We’re hoping that on the back of two quite significant offers, and now a third quite significant offer that does address pay, we’re able to come to a resolution.”

Nick Hibberd, council executive director for economy, environment and culture, said: “To provide the best service for the city and to support staff, there are occasions where it is felt appropriate to make crew changes, or move a member of staff from one round or crew to another.

“Changes are requested to prioritise areas where rubbish and recycling has unfortunately built up due to unavoidable staff shortages, vehicle breakdowns or for performance reasons.”

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