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Brian May rocks with Jean-Michel Jarre: How to watch two hour concert for limited time

This weekend, Sir Brian May was a special guest at Jean-Michel Jarre’s opening concert for the seventh STARMUS Festival, held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The two music legends performed for 100,000 people at the free show titled Bridge from the Future.

The special event featured a 400-drone ballet in the sky, and the largest ever stage constructed in Slovakia with over 30 feet tall towering turrets lifting a UFO bridge adorned with lights and lasers.

During the 19-track set from Jarre’s career was a new arrangement of Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony, crafted by the French composer and Queen guitarist in their first-ever collaboration.

Sir Brian also performed with Jarre on newly adapted works Bratislava Time and Rendezvous Bratislava, in a concert accompanied by members of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra a 19-piece chorus from the Slovak Philharmonic Choir.

Reflecting on the show, Sir Brian said: “It was a blast! The perfect kick-off for Starmus Earth.”

Sharing a clip of his performance on Instagram, he commented: “I’m lost for words this morning … but found this informal clip – from an iPhone in the audience I guess – and it looks like we kinda hit it OK !!! Thanks to all last night who came@and rocked ! Thanks also to all you folks out there around the world who contributed to the buzz. And thanks @valthelondoner — Bri.”

The Bridge from the Future concert was televised on Slovakian national TV and live-streamed on Jarre’s YouTube channel. Fans can watch the two-hour show there for a further week from broadcast.

To book tickets for STARMUS Earth Festival, which runs until May 17 and comprises lectures and discussions on topics including Environment, AI and Cybersecurity, and Space, click here.


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