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Brian Laundrie sleuths & psychologist speculate he may have ‘killed Gabby Petito while on drugs’ after spotting clues


BRIAN Laundrie may have killed Gabby Petito while high, internet sleuths and psychologists speculate, after claiming to have found clues in his social media accounts about drug use.

Sleuths have trawled through the 23-year-old’s Pinterest page and found what they claim are pictures of LSD tabs decorated with characters from the cartoon Adventure Time.

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Brain Laundrie and Gabby Petito in an Instagram snap[/caption]

They also claim Laundrie’s posts give insight into his mental state with a folder named “Bleak” containing morbid imagery.

Social media users have questioned the couple’s drug use in a Reddit subthread where a forensic psychologist answered questions about Gabby’s case.

When asked whether drug use could have played a role in Gabby’s death, a forensic psychologist verified by the site claimed that it would “depend on how much and how frequently he was using drugs.”

Laundrie has only been named as a person of interest in Gabby’s death and is not yet a suspect.

Yet a federal warrant for his arrest was issued on September 24 after he was accused of using Gabby’s bank card on August 31 and September 1.

She was last seen alive on August 27 and the Petito family lawyer claimed Laundrie used $1,000 from Gabby’s card to go back to Florida with her van but without her.

Another Reddit user asked if refilling a drug prescription could be the reason why Laundrie went home to Florida between August 17 and 23 leaving Gabby alone in Utah.

The Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino has claimed the trip was to clear out a storage locker and leave their possessions in the family home to save money.

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“It depends on what drugs,” another verified forensic psychologist answered.

“He might be pretty motivated to go home for an Adderall prescription, because like the other person said, it’s a controlled drug that isn’t easily transferred.

“Also, he may have been at least somewhat dependent on Adderall, increasing his motivation to go home to get it filled.

“I would definitely want to know all about his mental health. When was the first time he ever saw a MH [mental health] professional? What is the exact history of psych meds he’s been prescribed, his responses to those medications, side effects, compliance, etc?” they continued.

“I’d want to see his school records – what was his behavior like in school? Academic performance? Social functioning? Did he play with neighborhood kids? Did he have pets and how did he treat them?

“What substances has he tried/used and what did he use around the time of the crime? There is so much I’d want to know.”


The psychologist said that “it’s not bad to take psych meds. They save a lot of lives.”

A psychiatrist added: “The issue is that people in general don’t understand how far drug design has come in the last thirty years.

“Psych drugs today are much better understood, the side-effects far less common, and the treatment with them is better targeted.”

It comes after some on social media had hit out with allegations of Laundrie’s drug use.

“Could this be drug related? Every year I read about couples out among nature experiencing disastrous results after doing drugs together,” wrote one user.

“Many times they’re found separated and dead. Or one manages to get to safety and survive while the other is left behind while tripping and dies due to exposure to elements or overdose.”

“Maybe Brian is not cooperating with the police because he was high on drugs when Gabby ‘disappeared’ and he does not remember what happened or what he did?” another speculated.


Laundrie noted in body cam footage on August 12 that Gabby was not on any prescribed medication.

He told cops that he was not aware that she was taking any meds to treat anxiety after they were pulled over for a domestic violence call.

A witness claimed to have seen Laundrie hit Gabby in the middle of a street in Moab, Utah.

Gabby said that Laundrie grabbed her face and told her to shut up as they argued over a messy van.

Laundrie did not reference any medication he may have been taking and Gabby said the couple “don’t really drink.”

Gabby’s best friend Rose Davis was this week forced to hit back at claims that she had given the couple drugs.

Davis, who is in recovery, thanked TikTok users who debunked claims that she was involved in her friend’s disappearance.

She has been due to meet Gabby in Yellowstone but did not hear from her friend as planned on her birthday on August 29.

Davis also shared a video in which Gabby said she was her “only friend.”

The search continues for Laundrie as cops hunt in the Carlton Reserve, where he allegedly went on a hike before he disappeared.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has also mounted a search in Fort De Soto Park where Laundrie went on a Labor Day weekend camping trip with his parents after he came back to Florida alone.

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