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Brexiteer hits back at 'anti-British doomsters' for downplaying Boris vaccine success


Boris Johnson opted out of joining the EU’s vaccine procurement scheme and is now reaping the rewards of the decision to go it alone. Whereas Britain has succeeded in vaccinating around 36 per 100, the average European rate stands currently at just 10.6 per 100. However, many Remainers are loathe to acknowledge this success and have criticised what they perceive to be the smug crowing of Brexiteers.

David Henning, UK Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy, said: “The level of UK smugness over vaccination is quite off the scale for a pandemic which is still a danger to us.

“That we are hopefully on the right track is rather good, but not justifying lecturing Europe on our superiority.”

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Patrick O’Flynn hit back at the “anti-British” “doomsters and gloomsters”.

He said: “From their perspective, Britain cannot and must not ever be presented in a positive light.

“When we perform badly it is because we are useless and isolationist.

“When we perform well then anybody who dares to point it out is smug and insufferable.”

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“The repeated hyping of nonsensical scare stories about the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine looks very much like a case of politicians seeking to distract from their own shortcomings and making matters far worse in the process.”

He concluded: “When it comes to procuring vaccinations against a disease that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen admits is “the crisis of the century”, the European political system has failed and the British one has succeeded.

“To say so is not to be smug, but merely to acknowledge reality.”


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