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Brexit triumph! UK economy growth fastest in developed world in 2021 second quarter


The data released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows a positive rise for the economy. Britain’s economy rose by 4.8 percent between April and June.

In contrast, both China and the US were less than half of the UK’s rise, with China’s economy rising by 1.3 percent, as well as the US rising by 1.6 percent.

The release of this data also shows that the UK was the highest growing economy in the second quarter of 2021 of all G20 countries.

These G20 countries contain some of the most industrialised countries in the world.

Many have credited this rise in the economy to the effectiveness of the vaccine rollout in the UK.

Through this rollout, the UK has been able to vaccinate most of the population, attributing this to the rise in the economy.

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With this quick rollout also came the end of restrictions coming in July of 2021.

Restrictions ending meant the economy could attempt to return back to normal, with places reopening after the pandemic.

And this has been supported by investment bank Jeffries, who estimates that the UK has all but returned to pre-pandemic levels.

The data from Jeffries estimates that the UK’s economy has returned to 99 percent of what it was pre-pandemic.

However, the rise in the economy has since slowed after the sharp rise following the reopening of the pubs, bars and clubs, amongst other important places in the industry.

Mr Lewis said: “To have the EU effectively saying to the Jewish community you can’t source your products in your own country is a pretty despicable place to be.

“And to not understand that an elderly, vulnerable community like that cannot travel 100 miles each way once a week to get their shopping, I think is pretty poor form.

“I find that disgraceful, to be frank.”

He continued: “The practice of the implementation is not working for the people of Northern Ireland. It is disrupting everyday lives of people and their communities.

“You’ve probably seen the stories around the challenges that the Jewish community’s having. This is not about unionists versus nationalists, everybody is suffering, businesses are struggling to get goods over, it’s not respecting the internal market of the UK.”

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