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Brexit is ‘meaningless’ if EU has court control over UK, Britons furious at ECJ ultimatum


Following the announcement that some of the regulations surrounding the shipping of goods to Northern Ireland would be relaxed, Tory MP Sir John Redwood told Express.co.uk: “The EU has moved but not enough. The UK must insist on no EU checks or interference in GB/NI trade with the UK policing No onward movement of such goods into the EU. “The EU still wants to annex Northern Ireland, control its laws and put it under the ECJ.”

With the ECJ potentially continuing to influence Britain under the new rules, many Leavers are calling on the UK Government to trigger Article 16.

Express.co.uk readers argue the deal with the EU, as it is today, does not honour the Brexit they voted for.

Rodf said: “The ECJ must have no control over our courts and laws or Brexit becomes meaningless.”

Another, RedEnsign wrote: “This is nonsense. All those involved in the GFA recognise that NI is intrinsically part of the UK… No other country would let a foreign power arbitrate over its domestic affairs. No ECJ, and no rotten NIP either. We are out of the EU and an independent sovereign nation- so Boris, sort this nonsense out now.”

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Adding to the debate, MackemDragon said: “The writing is on the wall for the N Ireland protocol. The problem was never the NIP itself, it was the vindictive hateful way it was over implemented… It is necessary to change or eliminate these agreements because they were never signed by the EU in good faith.”

Some claim that the EU took the Protocol measure too extremely, and hence why the ECJ should be removed from the process.

“The implementation of the NIP was always subject to interpretation and the EU opted to take a very extreme interpretation in order to deliberately create problems for the UK, accepting the harm it was having on the people of NI as fair collateral. That abusive action was plain to see and justifies the need to remove the ECJ as the arbiter of the protocol,” said Furrybootsacomfae.

Taking the conversation onto a wider international scale, Rob Lawson wrote: “There is no need for checks of goods between NI and Ireland. The amount of trade is small fry (pun there for Macron) and will hardly interfere with the antiquated so called single market If the EU wishes to make checks then let them do it in Ireland. The ECJ has no place in any part of the UK. Come on Frost – tell the EU to get out of NI. Also lets tell Biden to keep his nose out of UK business.”

With an ironic jab at a reverse situation, Mayihaveaword said: “As a compromise, the ECJ could have jurisdiction over NI, but only if the UK Supreme Court can have jurisdiction over the EU. Seems fair enough to me.”

Speaking on the validity and longevity of the ECJ, Zambucca said: “The UK must insist on ECJ removal, it was never there when the UK joined the EU and it must not be there when the UK leaves. Any international court, arbitration panel will share exactly that same view. The EU know it and are afraid, they know.”

Others predicted that the fiasco being caused by the NI protocol would spell the end of the EU. Armchair warrior wrote: “You can hear the sound of panic within the EU as their Trojan horse(NI protocol) is on the verge of collapse. They know it’s simply not going to survive in a form remotely similar to what it is currently written. Expect more threats in their desperation as their punishment plan collapses.”

70Skyfall said: “The U.K doesn’t recognize the Kangaroo Court. We have left, we do as we please.”

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Concluding the general consensus of many readers comments, UKPatriot48 simply said: “Goodbye ECJ it wasn’t nice knowing you.”

While many have shown distaste to the notion of the ECJ playing a role in the ongoing Protocol negotiations, it is also worth remembering that the arbitration powers enjoyed by the court are designed to avoid extremities.

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