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Brexit fisheries outrage as Boris told to copy Margaret Thatcher and stand up to EU


Today, British fisherman, Paul Lines from Great Yarmouth, was interviewed by Brexit Party members, and stated that EU-registered vessels take “54 percent of British fish”. In a video posted to Twitter Mr Lines claimed that more than half of the UK fish now go into “the hands of foreign interests”. Mr Lines then added, “the Government hasn’t got the backbone to address this problem.”

Commenting on the video, former Brexit Party MEP for East of England, June Mummery today tweeted: “Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister was a Prime Minister with backbone.

“She wanted the Merchant Shipping Act reinstated.

“There is no excuse, we have left the EU.”

The Merchant Shipping Act would prohibit EU companies from registering some vessels under a UK ‘flag of convenience’.

This would then allows them to still fish part of the British quota.

However, during the Thatcher years, the legislation of the Merchant Shipping Act 1988 was found to contravene the EU’s treaties.

The Act was thought to have contravened the European Communities Act 1972.

To avoid this, the legislation was then disapplied and in 1995 a watered-down version was eventually passed in the Commons.

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Today fellow Brexit Party member Ben Habib echoed Ms Mummery’s comments and tweeted: “The Government bangs on about sustainable natural resources.

“British waters support such a resource, our fish.

“But they’ve been handed over in large part to the EU.

“The truth about the fishing deal from a fisherman.”


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