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Brexit-bashing tweet ruthlessly mocked after 'middle-class' food shortages claim 'Bonkers'


In the tweet, which Mr Embery described as “middle-class”, he mocked Vittoria Gallagher as she claimed she could not find aubergines, lentils or feta. Ms Gallagher said: “Food shop this morning. “Can’t get lemons, chilis, parsley, spring onions, aubergines, cumin, almonds, bottled water, beans, feta, halloumi, basil, soy sauce, and risotto rice.

“Meanwhile, Dad’s in Belgium, no issue, Mum in Italy, no issues.

“What could this be?”

She then accompanied the tweet with a hashtag blaming Brexit for the shortage of supplies at her supermarket.

In response, Mr Embery said: “I think I’ve stumbled on the most middle-class tweet ever.”

His response was quickly picked up by pro-EU Brexit commentator, Dr Mike Galsworthy.

In response, Dr Galsworthy said: “And what do you suggest we do with the British middle-class, Paul?

“Line them up against a wall and shoot them, for daring to ask for lemons & spring onions in Brexit Britain?

“Because we all know the British working classes never become chefs, or never wish to cook or eat nice food.

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This month, China closed the Ningbo port for two weeks due to a small number of Covid cases.

The Ningbo port is the third-busiest in the world, while experts have warned any further supply chain issues could hurt the already delicate trade scenario.

Earlier this month, Vietnam was forced to close its factories in the south which are some of the world’s busiest manufacturing centres for clothing.

Vu Ngoc Khiem of Global Sources said: “With all provinces in Vietnam being hit by Covid, the situation is so unprecedentedly uncertain that buyers have to adopt a Plan B or C, including offshoring production to another country.”

Earlier this month, Joe Biden also announced plans to work with experts to ease supply chain issues.

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