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Brave Ukrainian mum-of-three leaves children at home to fight Russia – ‘We will resist’


Dr Marta Yuzkic spoke to A Current Affair about her choice to leave her home and her three children in Kiev to join the fight. The doctor will arrive at a Ukrainian military base where commanders will give her further instructions on where she and other reservists will be deployed.

Speaking to host Tracy Grimshaw, Dr Yuzkic said “I am now packing to leave my house to get ready to start serving… I need to go.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for anyone with military experience to make themselves available to defend the nation.

He added that weapons would be issued to anyone who asked for them and specifically asked for men between the ages of 18 and 60 for aid through martial law.

Dr Yuzkic added: “I won’t allow them [Russia] to take our land and our freedom. They don’t believe in our right to exist. We have to defend, and we will win.

“We will resist until the last Russian soldiers will leave Ukraine.”

Many Ukrainian citizens have been involved in military training to prepare for such an attack by Russia.

The doctor has been training in territorial defence for the past 11 months every Saturday alongside additional gun courses and completed tactical medical training. 

In the interview she said that approximately 53 percent of Ukrainians are keen to take up arms and defend their country as shops across the nation were ravaged for guns and ammunition leaving shelves bare in the run up to the invasion.

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