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B&Q adds another heater to recall list amid electric shock and fire fears


Product recalls are issued when a company’s product is deemed unsafe to customers. B&Q has this month issued an urgent recall for one of its products because it could be harmful to buyers.

The heaters were made by B&Q, therefore they weren’t on sale anywhere else.

But customers should also check if they bought the same heater second-hand from a third-party retailer, such as eBay or on social media, just in case.

In February, B&Q issued a product recall on another heater, called the GoodHome Colenso 2000W White Freestanding Fan Heater.

Both the Freestanding and Oscillating Fan Heaters are unsafe for customers to use because of fire and electrical hazards.

In other B&Q news, the retailer has shared its top tips on how to get your garden ready for spring.

It recommended using a leaf blower to get rid of stray leaves and branches from your garden and a pressure washer to freshen up your patio or decking.

Spring is also the perfect time to sow vegetable seeds, and B&Q recommended planting beetroot, spinach, lettuce, and leeks, using a propagator to “kick start them into germination earlier in the season by providing them with a stable environment”.

The retailer added: “A propagator is like an incubator for your seeds, a mini greenhouse, with vents so you can manage the temperature inside. Start by reading our guide, and you’ll be overflowing with fresh veg in no time.”


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