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Boycott Brussels! UK drinkers to snub EU wine after bloc's latest bitter trade move


Increased duties are set to be introduced in July meaning further checks will be needed for traders hoping to sell to the UK. Amid this threat, Express.co.uk asked in an exclusive poll: “Would you buy more non-EU wines if Brussels slaps UK with post-Brexit duties?” In response to the poll, 94 percent (2,610 out of 2,764) said they would buy more non-EU wines if the increased duties were introduced in the summer.

Just five percent voted they wouldn’t (145) while just nine people were not sure in the poll.

Commenting on the poll, one reader said: “It will be a cold day in hell before European wine enters my home.

“We prefer English and Californian wines and Scotch.

“Boycott as many goods as possible manufactured in the EU including services and holidays.”

A second said: “Already do.

“Not really interested in the EU’s hate campaign against us so stop reporting rubbish like this.

“Time to ignore their put down antics and move on. It’s boring.”

A third said: “Nobody with an ounce of soul and loyalty would buy a wine made in the EU.

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“Show some pride and a bit of backbone and support the UK.”

In a warning to the EU, when asked which country they would buy instead of European wine, 2,439 out of 12,565 claimed they would buy from Australia.

A further 2,064 stated they would buy New Zealand wine, 1,911 South African, 1,747 Chilean and 1,706 pointed to wine made in the UK.

From June 30, traders will need to fill out Vl-1 forms for wines imported from the EU.

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It is not certain how the UK will respond to the increased checks on goods but importers have called for the forms to be scrapped.

Some traders have warned the forms added a further three weeks to their procedures in order to begin to start shipping the product.

Wholesaler Daniel Lambert claimed traders may look to other countries to export once the checks are brought in the summer.

Mr Lambert told BBC Newsnight: “We are already finding since Brexit that very few producers actually know what it is they need to do.

“That’s the fundamental problem.

“If you give them a problem they are less inclined to want to export to that particular market.”

Miles Beale from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association added traders were hoping the forms could be scrapped.

He said: “We’d like to see no new form electronic or otherwise introduced on the July 1 and the Government could go further and abolish all VI-1 forms that it requires from wine coming from outside the EU as well.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs said: “We are confident that these arrangements will not add to the cost of wine for consumers.

“We continue to work closely with the wine sector to understand any trade challenges they face.”

The Express.co.uk poll ran between 11pm on March 18 and 7.30am on March 19.


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