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Boy of 7 hurled off Tate Modern balcony can walk and talk again


His parents, who live in France, gave an update on their son. They were on holiday in London when Jonty Bravery, 19, who didn’t know the seven-year-old, picked him up and threw him off in ­August 2019. 

The victim’s ­parents, who have asked that he is not named, said: “Regarding the progress of our little knight, he received new leg splints, lighter and more efficient.

“With them, our son took his first steps alone, during physiotherapy and with us! Of course, this is possible ­only under increased surveillance, because he can fall at any time. But the few meters he performs delight him and us too.”

They added: “He still has a slightly nasal voice when he speaks, but he gets more and more breath, thanks to the work done with the speech and language therapist and to the training with the blowpipe.

“He also begins to make his toys talk when he plays. Until now, he had not enough strength to do that and used to play silently. This brings back a bit of normality to our life.

Furthermore, we now come to recognise some of the melodies he hums. Similarly, we can recognize small pieces of lyrics from the songs he tries to learn again. He also improved writing and reading too.

“This is a big step forward for the recovery of his memory.”

The boy suffered a bleed to the brain, broken bones, and needs constant care until at least 2022. A crowdfunder to aid his recovery has raised £264,000.

Bravery was detained for life, with a minimum of 15 years, at the Old Bailey last June after admitting attempted murder. He got an extra 14 weeks in December for assaults while on remand at Broadmoor.


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