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Boris urged to boycott Sturgeon-led independence referendum: 'We're stronger together!'


The SNP leader has vowed to put independence at the heart of her campaign ahead of the May elections and has promised to set out “bold plans to rebuild the country and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands”. The SNP has revealed a roadmap to a second independence referendum and set out how they intend to take forward plans on another vote.

Party chiefs said a “legal referendum” will be held after the coronavirus pandemic if there is a pro-independence majority following the Holyrood election in May.

But UK law states only the Prime Minister can give the go-ahead for IndyRef2 and Mr Johnson has made it clear he opposes such a move.

And he has now been urged to boycott any referendum forced through by Ms Sturgeon.

An exclusive Express.co.uk poll found 94 percent (4,111 people) thought the Prime Minister should boycott a second vote.

Six percent (217 people) said he should not and 21 people said they didn’t know.

A total of 4,349 readers took part in the online poll which ran from 12pm until 8pm on Wednesday March 10 2021.

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One reader said: “There has already been a referendum only six years ago and the next is not due until some time after 2035!

“The UK is not in the reprehensible EU who insist on referenda until it gets its preferred result.

“The UK includes Scotland by virtue of the fact the Scots decided to remain part of the union in that legal and ‘once in a lifetime’ referendum!”

Another said: “The UK is stronger together and there are over 300 years of shared values and culture and success to prove it.

“Only since the independence obsessive SNP came into minority government have the Scottish people fallen behind substantially in every area of devolved services and economic performance.”

Colin Smyth MSP, Scottish Labour Constitution spokesperson, told Express.co.uk: “At a time of national crisis, the public want our politicians to focus on what unites our country – not more division.

“At this election, Scottish Labour and our leader Anas Sarwar will set out a vision for Scotland that makes the case for a Covid Recovery Parliament instead of more division.

“Rather than accepting that the argument is lost, speculating on distant hypotheticals and fuelling division, Alister Jack should do the same.”

Last week a poll carried out by Savanta ComRes for The Scotsman showed most Scottish voters do not support independence.


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