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Boris savaged by Tory MP in brutal attack over ‘utterly depressing toxic atmosphere’


The Conservative MP for Hazel Grove launched an unprecedented seven-minute attack on Boris Johnson’s conduct over partygate and the “toxic” environment his leadership fostered.

The Prime Minister is facing a vote Thursday afternoon on whether he should be referred to a special committee for allegedly “misleading” Parliament on his knowledge of parties being held at Number 10 during the lockdown.

Mr Wragg told colleagues ahead of the vote: “I care deeply about my colleagues, I know that a number are struggling at the moment.

“We’ve been working in a toxic atmosphere, the parliamentary party bears the scars of misjudgements of leadership.

“There can be few colleagues on this side of the House who are truly enjoying being members of Parliament at the moment.

“It is utterly depressing to be asked to defend the indefensible.”


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