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Boris Johnson warns third Covid wave 'to wash up' on UK shores as he warns for caution


Boris Johson urged Britons to remain cautious about Covid as Europe suffers through the third wave of the pandemic since March 2020. Cases across the continent have been on the rise for the past two weeks, with France forced to impose a new strict lockdown on Paris and Germany considering a further extension of its third lockdown. Prime Minister Johnson remained positive about the steps forward the UK made with vaccinations but warned the impact of the third wave of the coronavirus crisis could soon reach the country.

Mr Johnson said: “Previous experience has taught us that when a wave hits our friends, it, I’m afraid, washes up on our shores, as well.

“I expect that we will feel those effects in due course.”

Asked about the risk to the UK’s jab programme amid EU threats to ban exports of the vaccine, Mr Johnson said he did not think that that would happen.

He added: “I’m reassured by talking to EU partners over the last few months, they don’t want to see blockades, I think that’s very very important.”

The UK would be continuing with its vaccination programme, he said, confirming that the plan to ease restrictions in line with the roadmap was on track.

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