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Boris Johnson warned India 'not going to change' Russia stance as PM set for trade talks


Following Mr Johnson’s plan to boost trade with India, journalist Naomi Canton believes there is “a huge diversion between the two countries’ foreign policies”. India’s neutral stance over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine might be a “sticking point”, said the journalist.

Speaking with the journalist, a GB News presenter Tom Harwood pointed out: [The free trade agreement] is one of prizes that Brexiters spoke of, opening up United Kingdom’s trade horizons, expanding to the wider world”

He continued: “India is of course a growing and emerging superpower, however, the UK and India have not always seen exactly eye-to-eye and the sticking point this week might be on Ukraine”.

He reiterated: “India has taken a more neutral stance than many were hoping for on the issue of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine”.

“Might this be a sticking point?”, asked the presenter.

Following GB News presenter Tom Harwood’s question, Ms Canton replied: “It is definitely going to be a sticking point”

“There is a huge diversion between the two countries’ foreign policies, and Boris Johnson is definitely going to raise it and India is going to be prepared with an answer”, continued the journalist referring to PM Boris Johnson’s next visit to India to discuss PM’s plan to boost trade with India. 

She firmly added: “India is not going to change stance on Russia at the moment”

“Russia is an old ally of India going back decades”, explained the journalist at GB News

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“I think the UK will make some concessions on migration as well”, she explained.

“The UK of course wants to return illegal immigrants to India, and India is looking for great concessions, but I think after Brexit the UK welcomes India Immigrants because they are highly skilled”, said the journalist following PM Boris Johnson’s trade and defence plans with India. 

The Prime Minister is expected to meet India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trade and defence talks in New Delhi on Friday. 

Ahead of the visit and referring to the current war in Ukraine, PM Boris Johnson said: “India is highly valued strategic partner for the UK in these uncertain times”.

“My visit to India will deliver on the things that really matter to the people of both out nations – from job creation and economic growth to energy security and defence”, added the Prime Minister. 

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