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Boris Johnson rebellion: PM warned of furious 'push back' over Covid vaccine scheme


Public health expert Professor Linda Bauld argued Britons, most notably MPs, would continue to push back against vaccine passports. While speaking on LBC with Matt Frei, she warned MPs across the political spectrum have spoken out against it. She also said there would be significant practical issues if Boris Johnson implemented the system.

Professor Bauld said: “I think you are going to get a big push back.

“Just as we have heard from politicians from quite a variety of different views.

“So I think there will be a push back against this.

“I think there are all kinds of issues, let us start with hospitality.”

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Professor Bauld proceeded to list the many problems the hospitality sector would run into with the implementation of vaccine passports.

She said: “We have heard from the industry themselves that they don’t think it was feasible for them to enforce that.

“I think it is difficult enough to do age verification in many venues so that is really tricky for them.

“Think about the staff working in the pubs, often younger people and may not have been vaccinated so there are tricky issues there.

Speaking during a visit to Middlesbrough, Mr Johnson said: “There’s definitely going to be a world in which international travel will use vaccine passports

“I think when it comes to trying to make sure that we give maximum confidence to businesses and customers in the UK, there are three things – there’s immunity whether you have had it before so you have natural antibodies, whether you have been vaccinated, and of course whether you have had a test.”

Mr Johnson said the passports were a hot topic among airline industry personnel and other countries, adding: “There’s a logic to that.”


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