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Boris Johnson LIVE: 'Net closes further' as No10 panics over new Cummings bombshell


Pollster James Johnson spoke to first-time Conservative voters in the red wall seat of Bolton North East. The upshot is they said they aren’t voting for him again and think he should resign.

One person said: “I quite liked him at the beginning. I felt confidence during the pandemic, and that he was doing the best for all of us. Now, it’s like, we’ve been made a fool of.”

Another said: “I think for me it’s more that, it’s one thing doing what he’s done, it’s the fact he did it and then said nothing had happened. He’s only come out and admitted it, under pressure in the Commons, when he’s been found out. So he’s lost all that credibility. He’s a liar, now.”

They also spoke to people who are long-term Conservative voters in both Bolton, and also Cheltenham, a southern marginal that the Tories currently hold: “If there was an election now, and Boris is still here, I wouldn’t vote Conservative.”

James Johnson said there is an “almost-universal call for him to resign”, which is coming from “different angles – for some it’s anger, for others it’s a calmer case of ‘do the right thing’.”

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