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Boris Johnson LIVE: Minister brutally mocked for defence as PM to face commons wrath TODAY


Labour MP Emily Thornberry has appealed to Conservatives to rise above party politics if opposition parties secure a vote on the future of Boris Johnson. 

The comments come after the Prime Minister was fined by police for attending a Number 10 birthday bash in breach of Covid rules.

The Labour MP told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme “there are ongoing discussions between the opposition parties and with the Speaker” about how to try to deal with the situation, and said “it would be wrong for me to cut across those”.

She added: “Whatever means we take, the difficulty we will always have is that, since the 2019 election, the Conservatives have an 80-seat majority when there is a vote.

“Unless Conservative MPs can look at their consciences and vote the right way, we are not going to get the sort of result that we should get.

“Unless the Prime Minister looks to his own conscience and decides that he should do the right thing, we are not going to get the results that we should get and, frankly, the result that the public want us to get, which is that this Prime Minister should go.”

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