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Boris Johnson insists tax hike to help the NHS is 'the right hing'


As the 1.25 percent National Insurance increase came into force, the Prime Minister joined Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak at a hospital to highlight how the measure will raise an extra £11billion a year for health services.

He said: “What we’re doing is unquestionably the right thing for our country, it’s the right thing for the NHS because…we’ve now got backlogs, waiting lists of six million people.”

Speaking at the New Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City, Herts, Mr Johnson said: “This is an amazing hospital…they’re processing people with cancer symptoms very fast.”

But he wants every hospital to do the same. He said: “We want 75 percent of people to wait no more than 28 days. That is achievable – but it’s only possible if you invest now.”

Mr Johnson admitted the tax hike will put more pressure on household finances but said the Government is putting “another £22billion into supporting families”.

However, two polls showed Mr Sunak’s popularity has fallen since he announced the National Insurance hike.

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