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Boris Johnson hails return to 'normality' as schools prepare to welcome back students


Monday marks the first step out of lockdown, as schools across the country get ready to welcome back pupils. All school years are expected back in class, with attendance mandatory. However, secondary schools have been told that they can stagger the return of school years over the first week – to allow for Covid testing.

Students will be tested three times a week for Covid in the first two weeks of school.

Thereafter, they will receive two tests a week, which they can use at home.

To facilitate the process, the Government has delivered nearly 57 million lateral flow testing kits to schools and colleges.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Government was following a cautious approach to easing lockdown “so that we do not undo the progress we have made so far”.

The next phase out of lockdown is scheduled for March 29, when outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households will be allowed.

If things continue to go according to plan, by June 21 all restrictions could be lifted.


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