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Boris calls urgent Cobra meeting as PM readies to unleash hell on Putin for Ukraine war


The Prime Minister will chair the emergency committee after President Putin launched a full-scale invasion of its neighbour overnight.

Almost 200,000 troops have been situated on Ukraine’s borders for weeks, with the Russian President ordering strikes on Ukraine’s military infrastructure in the early hours of the morning.

Moscow’s attacks come despite warnings from the West that a coordinated response would be unleashed on the Kremlin if it took action against Kiev.

Sanctions aimed at crippling the Russian economy have already been drawn up by the UK along with the US and EU.

Mr Johnson set to approve their immediate implementation after this morning’s meeting.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “The Prime Minister will chair a COBR at 0730 to discuss the response to the horrific attacks in Ukraine this morning.”

Ministers and senior officials will be updated on the rapidly deteriorating situation before considering next steps.

More to follow…

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