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Boost for cheap Chinese EVs heading to UK as Brits make major car ownership admission 

Cheap Chinese electric cars heading to the UK could be welcomed by British motorists with road users admitting price is all that matters. 

A new poll from Direct Line EV Insurance revealed that more than half (52 percent) of prospective EV owners say the price would be a major consideration when making the switch. 

Costs were considered more important than range, build quality, safety and reviews in helping motorists make the ultimate decision. 

The survey reveals almost a quarter (23 percent) of drivers said they would consider buying an EV from a new manufacturer they were not familiar with.

The revelations could come as a blow to the UK car market with dozens of motorists clear that saving money is more important than brand loyalty. 

It comes as 18 new EV brands have launched, or are set to launch, in the UK to challenge legacy OEMs. 

According to Direct Line, this includes the threat of Chinese brands such as Ora, BYD, Fisker set to hit UK markets shortly. 

Some of the cheapest electric vehicles are expected to hit the UK market for under £10,000. This could be around £20,000 cheaper than some of the most affordable models produced by existing manufacturers which could be too tempting for most to avoid.

Steven Williams, Head of Electric Vehicle Strategy for Direct Line explained the emergence of new models would provide road users with “plenty of choice” going forwards.

He explained: “Given that price point is the most important consideration when purchasing a new EV, it’s clear that Brits are willing to consider new EV brands they have not heard of if they’re priced competitively. 

“It’s great to see so many brands present, or soon to be present in the UK, this provides those considering the move to electric with plenty of choice to suit their budget, preference, and needs.”

When divided by age, a whopping 57 percent of those between 35 and 54 said the price was a big worry, beating concerns around range by 12 percent. 

For those between 18 and 34 years old, price again topped the list (47 percent) with a 13-point lead over how far cars could travel. 


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