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Boilers: Experts explain what to have in your boiler warranty to avoid 'unnecessary costs'


Research has found that more than half of boiler breakdowns take place in the winter. This could leave many households in the cold during the coolest months of the year. The average boiler lasts roughly 15 years but the average repair costs around £500 for the labour and new parts.

He said: “People often don’t take their warranty seriously at all until the day they finally need it.

“Yet the reality is that the warranty is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in a new boiler.

“When something goes wrong, you’ll want to get your boiler back in operation as soon as possible and ideally at no additional cost.”

Who is offering the best warranty?

According to Heatable, Worcester Bosch are offering the best boiler when it comes to the length of the warranty.

While choosing a cheaper boiler with a shorter warranty period may be appealing, the experts suggest a shorter warranty length could equal poor quality design.

What’s a guarantee compared to a warranty?

According to Heatable, a guarantee is superior to a warranty.

A guarantee is an agreement that a company or brand will actually attend the property to repair or replace the boiler.

Whereas, a warranty is a contract to only investigate the problem, but not an agreement to necessarily fix the boiler free of charge.

Mr Price added: “No matter which boiler you choose, don’t forget that an annual service is often a requirement to keep the warranty valid. If this isn’t maintained most manufacturers will consider the warranty void.”


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