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B&M shoppers go wild for 'perfect' £12 pet stairs to help tiny cats and dogs


The bargain retailer has sourced a three-step stairway for pint-sized pooches and cute kittens who struggle to jump onto their owners’ furniture. The £12 steps make it easy for spoilt pets to make their way into their owner’s bed, sofa, or even their own sleeping area. 

Advertising the steps with the help of an adorable sausage dog, B&M wrote on Instagram: “*Insert cute photo here*

“Ideal for older or smaller pets; they’ll be able to come join you on the sofa instantly!

“Thank you for sharing the cutest photo of the week @dexter_thelittlesausage

“Pet Stairs only £12. WHO little pup needs this?!” (sic)

So far, the image has received 9,597 likes and over a thousand comments.

One Instagrammer wrote: “It’s a brilliant piece of kit totally recommend these little stairs my gorgeous little lady loves them.” 

Another commented: “B&M bargain.”

A third responded: “So cute!!!!!” 

While fourth joked: “Is it sad I want to get these for the guinea pigs.”

Overwhelming the feedback was positive with one customer calling the product: “Perfect.”

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A third commented: “Can’t find in any stores new me.”

The black and grey pet stairs are subject to availability and retailing at £12. 

Not only are the pet stairs helpful for smaller or ageing dogs but they also double up as storage. 

You can find your nearest B&M store here. 


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