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Blood clot symptoms: The marking on your leg that could signal deep vein thrombosis


Deep vein thrombosis largely happens in the lower leg and thigh, and almost always on one side of the body at a time. So what signs should you watch out for?

However, when clots do not dissolve naturally, they restrict normal blood flow to the heart, turning into a serious medical condition.

Unfortunately, pulmonary embolism can be fatal.

They can cause breathing issues. For example, may be the cause of an unexplained shortness of breath or for rapid breathing.

They may also cause chest pain anywhere under the rib cage, which may worsen with deep breathing.


A pulmonary embolism can cause an increased and fast heart rate as well as causing light headedness or making someone pass out.

There are several ways to diagnose them, if you are concerned about signs.

If you have symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, the NHS recommend that you book an urgent GP appointment or dial 111.

If you are breathless and experience chest pain, it is important to dial 999 straight away.

You are more likely to experience a deep vein thrombosis if you are overweight, take the contraceptive pill or HRT or have varicose veins.

There are also some temporary situations when you’re at more risk.

These are situations such as if you are confined to bed, or if you are pregnant or if you have had a baby in the previous six weeks.

In some instances, it can happen for no obvious reason.

To prevent blood clots you should not sit it still for long periods of time.

If a doctor thinks you have DVT, you should be referred to the hospital within 24 hours for an ultrasound scan.

The scan shows whether blood is flowing normally through the vein.

You may also have an X-ray of the vein. For this, you will be injected with a dye to show where the blood clot is.

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